Join the Supper Club!

Is supporting a nonprofit one of your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, joining the EFN Supper Club is an easy way to follow through on a resolution and help ensure that no person goes hungry in Pierce County.

The Supper Club is EFN’s monthly giving program that makes it easy to support our work all year long. Instead of giving $100 all at once, consider giving $25 a month. By giving in smaller increments over the course of a year, you will help us distribute even more meals! Supper Club members receive exclusive volunteer opportunities and quarterly emails to highlight the work they make possible.

So instead of signing up for a gym membership you’ll only use a few times, join the EFN Supper Club. Your card will automatically be charged each month so you don’t have to worry about remembering to make your donation.

Have questions about monthly giving? Contact Claire Grubb at 253-584-1040 or

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Food for Thought: A New Year


A Message From EFN’s Executive Director


A new year, a new beginning, closing the chapter on last year. As we look back to 2017 we are very grateful for all the support we had from literally thousands of people. Thank you so much for your donation of treasure, time, and talent.

We have one donor who supports us from Australia and was actually here this year to attend our Abundance auction.

We have a volunteer who comes in 3 or 4 days a week for 3 hours a day to enter data. She has her own desk and is a very important part of the EFN team.

Speaking of talent, did you know that the tools class at Bates Technical College built a volunteer shelter for us at our Mother Earth Farm? It is the cutest tiny house with a lovey patio area. Stop by and see it when it is time to plant veggies!

2017 was a success every way you look at it.

We are planning for another great year in 2018 as the need continues to increase and our 68 partner programs look to us to keep up with that need by providing highly nutritious food for our neighbors.

We are always optimistic, however, there are some challenges that may be coming our way with tax law revisions and cutbacks in government support that keep us up at night. Our focus will remain on our mission and we know together we can guarantee “no person will go hungry” in Pierce County.

Helen McGovern-Pilant
Executive Director

View the full issue of The Feed: January 2018.

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Why Grayson Supports EFN

Grayson Crane

If you have been to EFN’s Mother Earth Farm, you will have had the opportunity to spend time with our Farm Manager Grayson (and their dog Bear). Grayson has been working at Mother Earth Farm for three years.

“I think EFN’s work matters because we connect people to food and farming. We are able to provide not only a high quantity but a quality of food that people wouldn’t otherwise have at food pantries.”

As a Farm Manager, Grayson leads volunteers and a crew from the Washington Corrections Center for Women so that we can distribute more than 100,000 pounds of produce each year. One of Grayson’s favorite parts of their job is, “seeing the crew connect with food bank managers and volunteers to see the impact of their work and how it connects to the community.”

Grayson encourages people to support EFN because, “Your support makes the farm run, whether it’s through your hands, heart, or dollars. It is unique to have an organization in the county that ensures that there is a lot of food, including market quality, nutrient dense produce that people are excited to see.”

Join Grayson in helping make sure no person in Pierce County goes hungry. Make a donation to Emergency Food Network today!

Why Geri Supports EFN

Geri Marquardt

(pictured in center)

In addition to being a donor and volunteer for EFN, Geri Marquardt is a leader in the Employee’s Community Fund of Boeing, a significant partner of EFN.

Q: How did you get connected with EFN?
A: As a Boeing volunteer I helped to repackage food and sort tons of apples. And as an Employees Community Fund Trustee, I went on a site visit there. Indirectly, years prior to even hearing about EFN I utilized the FISH food bank for some much needed prescription medicine for my daughter—little did I know about the connection!!

Q: Why do you think supporting nonprofits is important and why specifically do you support EFN?
A: With our communities in so much need of just basic life necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing, nonprofit agencies are a vital link of hope for families and individuals that need to utilize their services.

The efficiency in which EFN operates is just beyond words—I don’t have enough room on this page to explain it!! They can stretch a dollar from here to next Thursday—AMAZING!! (Please take the tour and hear their story for yourself.)

Q: Has food insecurity touched your life or do you see it in your community?
A: My family and I have been extremely blessed in as much as food insecurity has not touched our lives directly. And for that, we are truly grateful. But I have seen it in countless communities—and through reading grants and going on site visits, it is not hard to see that food insecurity is all around us.

Join Geri in helping make sure no person in Pierce County goes hungry. Make a donation to Emergency Food Network today!