Capacity Building Campaign


You can be a part of growing the future for Emergency Food Network! Donate to our Capacity Building Campaign to ensure that EFN can provide Pierce County with a consistent, diverse, and nutritious food supply well into the future. Our goal is to raise the last $250,000 in the next three months. You can help us get there! It’s easier than you think…

  • Could you give up one coffee ($5) a week for the next three months and donate $60?
  • Could you  give up one date night dinner ($50) per month and give $150?
  • Could you give $253 and guarantee the future of food delivery to 68 food sites in Tacoma and Pierce County?

As part of the EFN Family we are asking you to join the momentum to finish this campaign. Thank you for your support!

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About the Capacity Building Campaign

For the past couple of years, EFN has been engaged in a $2,500,000 Capacity Building Campaign to secure our future. If you have visited our operations recently, you know that we have over a million pounds of food in our warehouse and coolers at any given time. That’s a lot of food! However, we know we need to grow our capacity to keep pace with the need in the community. Our capacity is overloaded and we need to improve our infrastructure so EFN can continue to seek out new food sources and meet the needs of the community for years to come.

We have already made so much progress towards fulfillment of our goals. Here is a recap of the campaign to date.

Beginning Phase • COMPLETED
Replaced leaky roof on warehouse, improved storage racking, added an additional forklift, and new coolers.

Middle Phase • COMPLETED
Purchased the land across the street, installed an emergency generator, purchased a refrigerated box truck, hired a driver and development staff.

Current Phase •  PENDING
Develop the land and community garden, build a 2,500 sq. foot storage facility, build a permanent repack structure, and improve our loading dock.

With your support we will add needed technology upgrades, build an additional freezer, upgrades to Mother Earth Farm, and improve our administrative offices.


For detailed information about the campaign view the Capacity Building Campaign booklet.

We are grateful to all of the foundations, businesses, board members and individuals that have already donated to the campaign. We are asking you to support us in meeting our final $2,500,000 goal. We need the entire EFN family to be part of this effort. Please consider giving to this campaign, which truly guarantees the future of the food delivery system right here in Pierce County.

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#growEFN When you make your gift, use #growEFN on social media to encourage your friends and family to support the future of EFN too!