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While EFN has been consistently successful in serving the community by providing nourishing food, the need continues to grow and is projected to continue at a 10% increase each year. With our current warehouse and footprint, we can no longer accommodate this rate of growth. We have reached our capacity. The need in our community continues to grow with the largest demographic we serve through our partner programs being seniors and working families with children. The economy isn’t improving for everyone and although EFN began as a temporary, emergency solution, we are now an essential partner in alleviating the hunger issues in Pierce County. It is our mission to bridge this critical and most basic need—food.

EFN is uniquely positioned to take a tremendous step forward with this capacity building campaign.

The Capacity Building Campaign will result in more space for food, the ability to pick up and deliver more food, a greater connection with our community, neighbors and partners in meeting our mission and funds for the future to ensure sustained growth. With your support EFN will meet the ever-growing need in Pierce County and will be positioned to continue our mission into the future. Together, through this capacity building campaign, we will continue to serve the underemployed, the children of families who need our help, and the seniors who depend on us.

Please make a gift to support our Capacity Building Campaign.

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