Thanks for a great 2017 season!!!

We had a wonderful Gratitude Picnic at our Mother Earth Farm in September where we thanked our volunteers, donors, and supporters from this past year.

Among these supporters were our awesome Adopt-a-Row volunteers: Girl Scout Troop 40519, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Squadron 627 CS/Cobras, and Tacoma-Kenrick #2 Rainbow Girls. The groups were recognized at the event for their hard work and commitment to tending, weeding, and harvesting their rows of vegetables during the 2017 season.


Girl Scout Troop 40519
tilled, hoed, and weeded all season to grow 1,800 pounds of kale.





JBLM Squadron 627 CS/Cobras
pulled double duty by protecting our country and then feeding those in need by harvesting 1,800 pounds of Swiss Chard.





Tacoma-Kenrick #2 Rainbow Girls shoveled and weeded for months to harvest 2,400 pounds of Swiss Chard.



Adopt-a-Row 101: Weed, compost, repeat!

Girl Scout Troop 40519 was at Mother Earth Farm this past weekend! They are a small but mighty group! This month, they’ve started using hula hoes to dig those stubborn weeds out.




JBLM squadron 627 CS/Cobras’ three rows of Bright Lights Swiss Chard are so pretty! They are clearly keeping this plant healthy. Stay tuned to see what the harvest yields! 




Tacoma-Kenrick #2 Rainbow Girls aren’t letting the heat get them down. This group worked back-to-back weekends weeding their rows, it will be so worth it at the end of the season!



Those weeds don’t stand a chance!

JBLM squadron 627 CS/Cobras was at Mother Earth Farm last week for another weeding party! They sure are keeping up with the weeds in their three rows of Bright Lights Swiss Chard and even made a sign with a cobra on it, how cool is that?













Girl Scout Troop 40519 weeded their rows of kale in record time! This group knows how to use teamwork to get the job done, looking forward to seeing this superfood continue to grow!













Tacoma-Kenrick #2 Rainbow Girls have sure made that swiss chard happy! They were at Mother Earth Farm over the weekend weeding and adding compost to their rows.

Adopt-a-Row groups have plants in the ground!

JBLM squadron 627 CS/Cobras has planted three rows of swiss chard! They checked in last week to weed their rows and add compost.














Girl Scout Troop 40519 planted three rows of kale last month and were just out at Mother Earth Farm on Saturday to keep their rows free of weeds!












Tacoma-Kenrick #2 Rainbow Girls have planted three rows of swiss chard and will be back at Mother Earth Farm this week to weed, weed, weed!


Adopt-a-Row Update!

JBLM squadron 627 CS / Cobras has adopted 3 rows of swiss chard at Mother Earth Farm! Their group will be responsible for all aspects of the process: seeding, planting, weeding, and harvesting this nutritious plant!

They have just began the process by seeding 21 trays of bright lights swiss chard last week and will be out again in April to put them in the ground.

Thanks for adopting these rows to provide food to your community!