Gleaning Project

Get out and glean! Our partners at Harvest Pierce County are in needed of helping hands to glean local produce.

What is Gleaning?
Gleaning is harvesting produce left over in fields and gardens after the main harvest. For centuries, “field gleaning” has been a vital source of food for people in poverty. Gleaning programs are becoming more popular ways to provide local, healthy produce to food banks around the country.

Why Glean?
Cut waste in a country where over 25% of commercially-grown food goes to waste every year.

Feed people with the bounty of the county. Clients at Pierce county food banks rose by nearly 46% from 2008-2010.

Each month Pierce County food banks and hot meal sites accommodate 117,000 client visits. Harvest Pierce County helps meet this need and build community by recruiting volunteers to harvest local produce that would otherwise be wasted for county food banks and hot meal sites. You can help us harvest more in a variety of ways:

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