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Careful Stewardship of Our Resources

Emergency Food Network is committed to providing food in the most efficient way possible. Our ability to procure donated food, purchase healthy food in bulk, and harvest fresh produce from our Mother Earth Farm allows EFN to distribute $12 worth of food for every $1 we receive. This efficiency is made possible by the efforts of 20 staff members, over 3,200 dedicated volunteers, and an administrative and fundraising overhead that is less than 4%.

EFN combines an efficient and effective model, a comprehensive reach throughout Pierce County, and a dedicated and passionate staff, volunteer base, and generous individuals to aid in our efforts to provide a nutritious and reliable food supply.

Review financial documents and reports:

Form 990 – 2016
Form 990 – 2015

Form 990 – 2014

Financial Statements and Audit Report  – 2016

Emergency Food Network has been awarded a 4-Star Rating by Charity Navigator.