Overall, 99% of visitors to food banks fall below the national poverty line. 

In 2015, more than 117,000 visits were made each month to food banks in Pierce County. Of these visits, 33% were children under the age of 18, and 21% were seniors over the age of 55. Together, this means more than half of visits to food banks are children and seniors.

Overall, more than 1.4 million visits were made during 2015. Emergency Food Network aided these visits by distributing more than 16 million pounds of food in 2015, providing millions of meals to hungry individuals in Pierce County.

In 2015 Emergency Food Network:

  • Distributed 16 million pounds of food through its Distribution Center to the food programs it serves
  • Harvested 84,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables through its organic farm
  • Repackaged over 1.7 million pounds of food through its Repack Project
  • Collected more than 366,000 pounds of food through food drives

This was all accomplished with a staff of 17, a dedicated corps of 2,759 volunteers, and a low administrative and fundraising overhead under 4%.

These numbers are what make Emergency Food Network unique. With the help of dedicated staff, volunteers and donors, Emergency Food Network is an agency working hard to provide a reliable food supply “…so that no person in Pierce County goes hungry.”