EFN by the Numbers

Our Community Counts on EFN. . .

Emergency Food Network (EFN) is a non-profit food distributor serving more than 60 food banks, hot meal sites and shelters in Pierce County. Today it provides more than three quarters of all the food distributed to those in need by food programs in Pierce County.

National and Statewide Hunger Facts

  • 19.5% of Americans live in hungry or food-insecure households.
  • 1 in 5 households across Washington state reported they didn’t have enough money to buy the food they needed in 2009.
  • Households with children have almost double the rate of food insecurity compared to those without.

Each month in Pierce County more than 115,000 visits are made by children, seniors and adults seeking help with food in Pierce County. Of these individuals:

  • 54% are children and seniors (36% children under 18, 18% individuals over 55)
  • 99% fall below the national poverty line
  • Almost half are families with at least one adult working

During 2013 there were more than of 1.4 million (more than 220,000 unduplicated) visits to Food banks and nearly 13 million meals provided in Pierce County.

Every dollar makes a difference to hungry families in our community. For every dollar donated, EFN is able to distribute approximately $12 worth of food to over 60 food programs it serves.

Here’s a sample of what your dollars can do:

  • $1,000 provides over one year’s worth of food for a family of four
  • $500 provides 2,500 meals for children during the summer when school lunches are unavailable
  • $250 provides thirteen cases of Ensure for seniors, those with long-term illnesses, and those with special dietary needs
  • $100 allows for an infant in need to have two months of baby formula
  • $50 provides three weeks worth of food for a family of four
  • $25 provides 125 meals for children during the summer when school lunches are unavailable

In 2013, the Emergency Food Network:

  • Distributed $23.2 million worth of food and other essentials to more than 60 food programs it serves through the Distribution Center in Lakewood
  • Harvested more than 100,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables at the 8-acre organic Mother Earth Farm in Orting.
  • Repackaged over 833,000 pounds of product through its Repack Project.
  • Accomplished all of the above with a staff of eleven, a dedicated corps of more than 2,600 volunteers, and a low administrative and fundraising overhead of under 4%.

These activities make EFN unique—it is an agency able to take food straight from the land to the tables of those in need.