Food for Thought: More Dairy


A Message from EFN’s Executive Director


What do we already know about 2018? Our 71 partner programs are “over the moon” that we added dairy to our purchased program in October of 2017.

At the end of each year we send a survey to our partners asking several questions. The questions include, “Did you run out of food?”, “What more can EFN do?”, “Anything you would like to share?” Over and over they stated how appreciative they were that we added half gallons of 2% milk to our purchased program. Along with the hundreds and hundreds of pounds of rice, beans, oats, canned fruit, canned vegetable, and frozen protein we are purchasing to distribute for free, we added milk.

Milk is a highly regulated commodity and very seldom available to be donated from grocery stores or processors. We are currently buying and distributing 7,000 gallons of milk each month. The price for that changes daily, however the cost is approximately $9,700 each month. A large number to add to a budget. The alternative is to consider saying to a child or their parents – there is no milk.

We also added the opportunity for donors to join our Supper Club and commit to give monthly contributions. Monthly donors have already pledged $60,000 annually to EFN. Won’t you consider joining the Supper Club? Our goal for 2018 is to fund our added dairy purchases through new revenue. Next could be yogurt, or cottage cheese, or…


Helen McGovern-Pilant
Executive Director

Help us provide more dairy to our neighbors by joining the Supper Club today!


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