Why Paula Supports EFN

Paula Henson-Williams

Paula is the Vice Chair of EFN’s Board of Directors and has volunteered at our Repack Project with the Board of Directors and her motorcycle club. Q: How long have you been connected with EFN?

Q: How long have you been connected with EFN? 
A: I have been connected to EFN for approximately the last 5 years. I knew very little about the organization, but really connected with the mission. I knew that EFN was a vital service to our community and I was looking at ways that I could give back and make an impact on my community.

Q: How did you get involved with EFN?
A: I attended my first EFN event back in November 2012. It was the Vessels pre-fundraiser event for Empty Bowls. The Vessels event highlighted local artists and provided attendees an opportunity to connect with the community as well as EFN. It was at this event that I met Jeff Klein, former Director of Development.

Q: Why do you support EFN?
A: Hunger awareness is a passion for me and an area that I can connect with and see a positive difference that EFN makes within our community. I also like that the money that is raised by EFN goes to directly support those in need within our community. You can really see the difference that is being made and the important positive impact EFN has on the community. I also appreciate EFN’s collaboration with other food partners. I think it’s important to have a close relationship in order to make the biggest difference.

Q: Why do you serve on the EFN Board?
A: It’s important for me to be able to give back to my community. I believe that service within your community is important. The mission of EFN is one that anyone can get behind and support. Serving on the Board of Directors is truly an honor. EFN has a very talented staff and committed Board of Directors, so anything that I can do to further the mission of the organization, I’m willing and ready to do.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience with EFN?
A: The first time I toured the warehouse, I was truly in awe. I had no idea about the capacity or the amount of food that comes in and goes out regularly. You can just look around the warehouse and imagine all of the families that are going to be served within our community. The warehouse is truly an amazing place.

Join Paula in helping make sure no person in Pierce County goes hungry. Make a donation to Emergency Food Network today!