Why Grayson Supports EFN

Grayson Crane

If you have been to EFN’s Mother Earth Farm, you will have had the opportunity to spend time with our Farm Manager Grayson (and their dog Bear). Grayson has been working at Mother Earth Farm for three years.

“I think EFN’s work matters because we connect people to food and farming. We are able to provide not only a high quantity but a quality of food that people wouldn’t otherwise have at food pantries.”

As a Farm Manager, Grayson leads volunteers and a crew from the Washington Corrections Center for Women so that we can distribute more than 100,000 pounds of produce each year. One of Grayson’s favorite parts of their job is, “seeing the crew connect with food bank managers and volunteers to see the impact of their work and how it connects to the community.”

Grayson encourages people to support EFN because, “Your support makes the farm run, whether it’s through your hands, heart, or dollars. It is unique to have an organization in the county that ensures that there is a lot of food, including market quality, nutrient dense produce that people are excited to see.”

Join Grayson in helping make sure no person in Pierce County goes hungry. Make a donation to Emergency Food Network today!