Advocacy Alert: Urge Your Senators to Oppose Budget Resolution

Contact your senators this week to urge a “NO” vote on the Senate Budget Resolution!

The full Senate is expected to vote on its fiscal year 2018 Budget Resolution on Thursday.

The Senate Budget Resolution would set up a process for consideration of massive tax cuts for the wealthy, paid for by assuming trillions of dollars in cuts to government programs over the next 10 years. The Senate’s resolution would harm American families by threatening critical programs that serve low- and moderate- income households, including SNAP, low-income tax credits, Medicaid, and programs that assist persons with disabilities.

Take Action!
YOU can help TODAY with just 5 minutes of your time!

Make a Phone Call

Please take a few minutes to make a phone call to your senators to urge them to vote NO on the Senate Budget Resolution.

Call 202-225-3121 for the Capitol Switchboard.
Tell them that you oppose tax cuts for the wealthiest that would ultimately be paid for by cuts to safety net programs like SNAP and other critical programs that serve low- and moderate-income families.

Remind them of the strengths of SNAP (pdf) — which lifts millions of people out of poverty each year — and other safety net programs.

Send an Email

Want to do more? Email your senators with your message urging to vote NO on the Senate Budget Resolution.

Get Vocal on Social Media

Use the samples below or create your own message to post on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Be sure to tag your Senators in your posts!

#SNAPMatters @YourSenatorHandle: Protect millions of Americans against hunger & poverty. Vote NO to proposed #SenateBudget

#SNAPMatters @YourSenatorHandle: Vote NO on tax cuts for the wealthy at expense of low & moderate income people. #SenateBudget

#SNAPMatters @YourSenatorHandle: The #SenateBudget will help the wealthy and harm low & moderate income families. Vote NO.

Share These Resources

Share these resources with your senators when you contact them.